Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wolf Ranch, Moab Utah

John Wolf, Ohio, Moab Utah

   John Wolf and family moved from Ohio to settle 150 acres outside of Moab Utah in the 1880s. They raised cattle in a canyon where there was grass and water.
   In 1914, they abruptly left their hardscrabble ranch and returned to Ohio.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wayne and Mary Jane, Somewhere in Southern Utah

Mary Jane, shotgun, Wayne, southern Utah
Mary Jane was a Salt Lake city girl and did not take to prairie open spaces and ranching. Also, Wayne drank and caroused too much. Many a night Wayne came home with a need to give a beating. One evening after some cattle died, Wayne went off in a black mood.
         Mary Jane waited in the farm house with the shotgun. Wayne returned, having convinced himself the death of the cattle was Mary Jane's fault. She needed a lesson. He stormed through the door into the brilliant light of both barrels.
         Word is Wayne in his drunken stupor got lost and is out there somewhere in the emptiness. Mary Jane has gone to San Francisco.