Friday, January 13, 2012

The Troubled Girl, Tonopah, Nevada

The troubled girl came behind the gas station and rang the bell of his living quarters. Calder was impressed when he opened the door and found the young blond on his door steps, Lindsey. Calder was tall and lean, a brown face and a white beard, his beady eyes glittered as he anticipated games with his new roommate. He would promise to put her in his Will as he was all alone. That ploy always worked.
     His former girl had been a disappointment and they had rejected her because of her drinking and the drugs, which made her ornery. So Calder buried her alive out back. Occasionally, the coyotes rooted at her grave and he noticed that her hand was now sticking up, beckoning.
     That night Calder left Lindsey alone and planned his moves for the morning. He would have some sweet time with Lindsey, then do the required tests. If she passed the first screen, then they would come and transport her out of the universe.
     Calder was dozing off when his door opened and she loomed in his doorway, filling the door and appearing monster-like in the dim shadows. In a flash Lindsey was beside him and she sat on the side of the bed, stroking his beard and quieting him. Calder wanted to sit up and respond, but he was helpless, mystified.
     The girl led Calder out of the back and around to the the northeast corner of the house. He lumbered along as Lindsey led him to a hovering, blue light. Calder looked around, seeking help from his handlers, but they were not about. Together they entered the blue light and paused. Then there was a high whine, a brilliant flash, and they were gone.     
     The gas station south of Tonopah Nevada sits abandoned and derelict. The site is plagued by rumors, as well as tribal superstitions.
      Unfortunately, Lindsey's specimen was deemed unsuitable and her people have moved to another dimension---a place far, far away.

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