Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Plantation Haunting, Alexandria, Louisiana

 Sam Bradford married an older woman, Alice Lacount, who was a Louisiana legend with money. He and his wife lived in great splendor in the Lacount plantation home outside of Alexandria. The Orchard Plantation had stately pecan orchards and was highly profitable.
        Alice was known to tipple and, inexplicably, one night she went to the Cane River that flowed behind the mansion, walked out on the boat pier to take the night air. Apparently, Alice fell into the water and drowned.
       Sam inherited everything.
       People talked about how Sam acted poorly after his loss, always looking over his shoulder. Without any explanation, Sam moved out of the mansion six months after Alice's passing and relocated from Alexandria to New Orleans
      The servants continued to maintain the lovely Lacount plantation house and grounds. But no one lives in the mansion, the servants are gone before nightfall.
      Rumors are a woman in white walks the grounds in the evenings.
      The Orchard Plantation is on the day tour.

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