Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Grifter' Curse and the Nocona Boot Contract, Nocona, Texas

 Freddie James drifted into Nocona, Texas on a stormy summer night. He sought refuge in the Misty Times Saloon, where Peggy Ann, who ran the "Trading Post" during the day, was moonlighting.
      Peggy Ann introduced Freddie to the Boys who were playing cards. Freddie joined the game and soon cleaned out the Boys, who took umbrage at their misfortune. Especially when Freddie said, "time to go".
      The Boys took Freddie outside, lassoed him and tied him to the back of a pickup truck, then began dragging him to the town line. Peggy Ann ran behind pleading to let Freddie go.
       Unfortunately, Freddie tripped in a pothole and fell, hitting his head on the curb. The Boys braked, Peggy Ann looked on in horror as Freddie raised himself, thrust his left fist in the air and cast a curse on Nocona. Then Freddie collapsed and died.
      The next day the bank failed due to bad loans and embezzlement. The Nocona Boot Company lost its military contract to China. One by one the stores closed and folks moved away.
       Today the only vestige of Nocona is Peggy Ann's Trading Post.

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