Friday, July 2, 2010

Magdalena, New Mexico

Ella Mae Quicksilver knocked on Jessie Long's door one summer evening, saying her boyfriend had abandoned her on the two-lane byway. Jessie took her in as he lived alone in the isolated ranch house.Years before, he had lost his family on an Interstate-25 crash.
      Strangely, the young girl and the old rancher clicked. They often sat on the bench out front in the soft night with smokes and a six pack. Ella Mae captivated Jessie with her  dreams.
      Jessie tried to sell his down-at-the-heel ranch, but no offers. So one morning, they packed essentials, case of beer, smokes, change of clothes, and they drove away in his old pickup heading east, foolowing Ella Mae's star.
      Tongues wagged and some say they are doing porn in Southern California. Ella Mae a star, Jessie finding a niche.
      The ranch is no longer for sale and sits silent, awaiting Jessie's return.

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