Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jerome, Arizona

Bo Savage owned and worked the bar at the Jerome Mile High Saloon. Bo's world collapsed when Lilly, his alluring piano player, ran off with Max, a prospector married to a Yavapai-Apache Indian Princess, who was rumored to know the location of the fabled Dutchman gold mine.
   At night Bo would sit on his back porch overlooking the Verde Valley. After a bottle or two, he would swear he could hear Lilly calling him on the night winds, Lilly pleading for Bo's help.
   One evening a neighbor saw Bo jump from his chair, wave his arms and call: Lilly, what yellow mine?
    Bo cupped his ear, tripped and toppled off the porch head first, fatally breaking his neck.
    Lilly was never found.

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  1. Tom I love all of your pictures and the stories intrigue me...I can't wait to see your treasured finds along your trip. :)