Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Overgrown House, Pascagoula, Mississippi

 Bobby Lee Boodle, a Vietnam War Veteran, bought two acres of land on Route 90 just outside of Pascagoula, Mississippi. He built a modest house set back from the road. Bobby Lee cleared the trees and brush with gusto, a slash and burn gardener.
        But Bobby Lee had trouble keeping up when his hip went bad, the wild grass, twisting honeysuckle vines, and deciduous trees turned on Bobby Lee with a vengeance.
       Mr. Boodle dropped out of sight and the local folks thought he had gone North to visit friends. Kids snooping around Bobby Lee's place in the high grass and weeds later swore they heard a muted voice. One girl claimed she saw a stricken face at a window. Today Booby Lee's house is totally overgrown, enveloped by the relentless, unforgiving vegetation.
       No one dares go there anymore.

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