Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wilderness Haunt, Mille Lacs, Minnesota

   Gabe knocked on the door of the Wilderness Haunt and Ray answered, slightly drunk. Gabe explained his car had died and he needed to call AAA. Ray, normally a loner, took to Gabe and invited him into his isolated lakeside home.
   Ray showed him the phone and Gabe pretended to make the call to triple A. Ray then beckoned Gabe to join him by the fire, where Ray had two chairs and a coffee table set with Jack Daniels and an ice bucket. 
   "Where you from?" Ray asked innocently. Gabe explained he was a Nephilim, the son of a wayward angel and a human. That his brief was to settle the accounts, those accounts that never got reconciled. Ray cackled and sipped his Jack.
   "It's about those little girls." Gabe said. "What about the little girls? They cry out for the accounts to be settled."
   Ray coughed, wiped his face, and took a Camel out of his shirt pocket. "I don't know nothing about little girls." Ray said, lighting up.
  Gabe put a heavy coil of rope on the table. "All those moms and dads," Gabe said. "We need to bring them peace, the moms and dads."
    Ray puffed furiously on his Camel  and waved a hand around. "Some of them are here with me, here at Wilderness Haunt. Others..." and Ray's voice trailed off.
   Gabe got up and looked at the heavy rope. "Don't make me come back, Ray. "
   Inexplicably, later that week Ray, the recluse, was discovered hanging from a beam in his living room. There was no note.
Today the Wilderness Haunt is in probate, complicated by many civil suits.

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